Usamah Kabuye


BSc. & MSc. Agriculture (Animal Science Major)
Specialist – Dairy & Small Ruminants Production Systems

Education: B.Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science major) 2015, Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda. | M.Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science major) 2019, Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju-South Korea.

Personal Profile:

Usamah is a Ugandan professional Animal Scientist who is very enthusiastic about biostatistcs, animal genetics and genomics. Having studied both in Uganda and overseas, Usamah is proficient in team-working with people of different academic and cultural backgrounds. He is innovative, adaptable, resilient, self-motivated, flexible and eager to learn new / advanced approaches in agricultural production and related science fields. Usamah has the ability to analyze and interpret data, new scientific ideas / concepts.

Usamah has a wealth of experience in institutional administration and instruction of animal science and agriculture related courses at College level. As a scientist, Usamah has worked on a number of (agricultural) research projects, conferences and exhibitions. Usamah’s life-long passion and key career objective is incorporation of modern livestock management, production technologies and advanced scientific approaches into Uganda’s developing livestock sub-sector. He believes such interventions are critical for advanced and profitable agricultural production especially in developing countries such as Uganda where the agriculture sector still employs over 70% of the population.