Serenah Ninsiima

Finance Secretary

BSc. & MSc. Agriculture
Specialist – Livestock Production Systems

Serenah is an agriculturalist by profession.  She is a member of SPODA enterprises limited and currently serves as the treasurer for the company. She is as well, a co-founder of PAAT Soil Clinic limited where she has been serving as the administrator since early 2019 to date.

She has gained competence in managing the day to day running of a company and has handled and managed project activities funded under UNDP and NSSF and being pro-active at handling any emerging issues. She has wide knowledge and skills in pig production, feeding, health and management obtained from the one (1) year of field practice at SOEHAE farm (South Korea). In addition to that, she has practical experience in cattle production and management gained as an internee at JESA FARM DAIRY LTD. She has also worked as a data collection enumerator under Tegemeo institute of agricultural policy and development.

Serenah holds a Master’s degree in Agriculture (Agricultural Convergence Technology) from CHONBUK National University [South Korea]. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture (Animal science major) from Makerere University

Her interest is to practice farming as a business and create an impact in the agricultural space through knowledge sharing.  She believes that the potential in Uganda’s agricultural sector can be taken to an advanced level if more agricultural professionals actively engage in agriculture.