SPODA’s 15000 Dollar Pitch – A Pitch Too Early

Amidst the smiling faces in this digital image lay an idea of tremendous potential. These three gentlemen led a cohort of 13 learned fellows to pitch a notion that would be a start of a new chapter. To each and every individual familiar with the tale, it was worth a shot. On this fateful day, the 29th of January 2019, a team of 4 was led by their chairman to interest a potential funder into believing in SPODA’s grand vision;

“A center for excellence in technology transfer for a holistically transformed livestock sector & sustainable development in Eastern Africa”. 

With their slogan a “healthy livestock for a healthy community”, a plan was technically pitched to Mr. Kim, the interim president for Dodram Farmers’ Cooperative. The plan was pragmatic, unique and by-far plausible. The team availed a great deal of implementation details, a step-

by-step action plan, short- and long-term goals, achieved milestones and most critically, member commitment and devotion towards prioritizing SPODA’s dream above all. The president was very intrigued and thus, shared very vital information pertaining farm management, the strengths in working as a cooperative, financial management, and of course some detours and anecdotes.

Since this was a determinant meeting, one that came ever so rarely, every fellow pitched in a thought or two. To everybody’s surprise, SPODA members gave a good shot at speaking Korean to the president, an aspect that drove even more questions from the curious president and definitely emphasized the seriousness with which SPODA was about to be implemented. Among the content presented that day, a 5-slide power point projected program timelines, phases on implementation, production enterprises, and a detailed financial spreadsheet as reflected in three currencies, Korean won, US dollars, and Uganda shillings.

Below is the strategic plan, step-by-step process, and financial details as presented by the SPODA team.

Through and through, the concept was perceived very positively by the entire team at the Korean Swine Technology Institute (KSTI). In fact, it was such a success that the fellows returned to their base in Jeonju with a digital 2D pregnancy diagnosis kit for livestock (swine, goats & cattle). Additionally, Mr. Kim pledged to support SPODA throughout its entire infancy. In as such, his commitment was demonstrated by a capital contribution of 10,000 USD that he handed over to the team on their graduation. Further still, the owner of Doozy Farms availed a supplemental fund of 5,000 USD to the president’s pledge. This brought a deeper confidence and strengthen the members’ allegiances towards the entire plan that was yet to unfold on their return to Uganda.

Nonetheless, the excitement and anticipation seemed to be “a pitch TOO early”. Through an unfortunate and related but totally unforeseeable series of events, that whatsoever had nothing to do with SPODA or the funder, Mr. Kim, tapping into the 15,000 USD pledge has been in vain. However,

with continued effort and tireless actions towards this cause, we strive to realizing our dream through all the activities as detailed in SPODA’s strategic plan.

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